Swash Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat FAQs



What is a Swash?


What is a Swash?
A Swash is an advanced toilet seat that offers men, women, and children a fresh and hygienic cleansing using two retractable wash wands for posterior and feminine areas.

How does a Swash work?

The Swash replaces your existing toilet seat. Better than a conventional toilet seat, it has a heated seat and delivers a warm water wash with temperature, pressure, and nozzle position adjustability (features vary by model.) Two self-cleaning retractable wands are used, one for the posterior wash and another for the feminine wash. All functions are easily operated at the turn of a dial (Swash 100) or at the push of a button with a wireless remote control (Swash 300, 900 & 1000). The Swash 1000 also includes a warm air dryer for a complete "hands-free" experience as well as a deodorizer and other special features.

What are the differences between the Swash models?

A model comparison chart detailing the differences between models can be found here: http://brondell.com/swash-models/



Using the Swash

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How do you operate the Swash?
The Swash 100 is operated by simply turning a dial while the Swash 300, 900 and 1000 control their wash operations by remote control, which can be mounting on the wall or held in the users hand.

Can a Swash be used by children, elderly, and handicapped?

Absolutely! Children love using a Swash and they are wonderful for parents with children who are potty-trained but not yet able to clean themselves. Those who are elderly, have limited mobility or other limitations can especially benefit from using the Swash.

Does the seat stay heated at all times?

The heated seat function on the Swash 300, Swash 900 and Swash 1000 is controlled by the user. It can be set to one of three temperature settings, or simply turned off. The Swash also features an Eco Mode that turns the heated seat function to the low setting until the seat sensor is triggered by a user.

What is the duration of the wash?

Pressing the ‘REAR’ or ‘FRONT’ button on the remote control starts the two minute wash cycle. Pressing this button once again at any point in that cycle starts the two minute cycle from the beginning. The ‘STOP’ button will stop the cycle at any point.

How long does the warm water last?

  • The Swash 900 and 1000 use an instant ceramic heating system and provides "endless" warm water washes.
  • The Swash 300 is equipped with a warm water reservoir tank, which maintains warm water for the duration of a 60 second wash cycle. After that, the water temperature will start to decrease and then go cold. Once you stop the cycle, the tank will refill and heat. It takes about 3-4 minutes to refill and reheat the tank to the desired temperature.
  • The Swash 100 pulls room temperature water from your existing water line and does not heat the water.

What is the difference between the front and rear washes on the Swash 900 and 1000 remote?

The front wash offers a feminine cleanse while the rear wash offers a posterior wash for both men and women.

Do the wands ever "get in the way"?

No, the wash wands are only extended during the cleaning cycle. At all other times they are housed in the unit to avoid being contaminated. As a further safeguard, the wands clean themselves with a high pressure spray of water before and after each use. The Swash 1000 also offers nozzle sterilization.

Is a Swash safe and reliable?

The Brondell Swash is ETL and UPC certified and Brondell warrants its products for one year from date of purchase, with the exception of the Swash 1000 that includes a limited three year warranty. With proper usage, Brondell products will provide years of reliable use. Owners should read and follow all safety precautions in the literature provided with the product.

What is the weight limit of the Swash?

The Swash Lid has a weight limit of 270 pounds. The seat part has a weight limit of 330 pounds.

Where is the Swash manufactured and serviced?

The Swash is manufactured in Korea. All of Brondell’s products are serviced in San Francisco, CA, USA.

What is your Return and Warranty policy?

Our Warranty and Returns policies can be found here: http://brondell.com/support/

When will I receive my order?

  • Orders typically ship the next business day.
  • US orders ship from our warehouse in Effingham, IL and typically ship via UPS Ground unless otherwise specified. Delivery times vary, but usually are between 1-6 business days depending on distance from the warehouse.
  • Brondell ships orders directly from our warehouse in Toronto, ON to destinations within Canada.



Installation and Fitment

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Will the Swash bidet fit my toilet? Toilet Fit information can be found here: http://brondell.com/toilet-fit/

What installation is required?

Standard installation is quick and easy. It involves a few simple steps: shutting off the water valve at your toilet, removing your existing toilet seat, installing the Swash mounting bracket, and attaching the Swash to the bracket and connections. The included T-valve is installed directly below the toilet tank to direct filtered household water to the Swash.

I have a skirted toilet with no access to the tank or the toilet seat mounting bolts of my toilet. How do I install the Swash?

The Brondell Swash comes with all of the plumbing and mounting hardware necessary to install the bidet on a traditional toilet. However, many modern toilets have sleek designs intended to cover and camouflage plumbing connections, which makes a typical installation difficult or impossible. For this, we recommend using our alternative t-valve option, found here: http://brondell.com/swash/swash-accessories/swash-bidet-seat-t-valve.html. The t-valve will connect at the shut-off valve at the wall instead of under the toilet tank. If your fixture also only has top-side access to the mounting bolts that hold the seat to the toilet, you will likely need top-mount hardware, found here: http://brondell.com/swash/swash-accessories/swash-bidet-seat-top-mount-hardware-kit.html

What are the plumbing requirements of the Swash?

Plumbing Requirements can be found here: http://brondell.com/plumbing-requirements/

Do I need an electrical outlet?

Our Swash 300, Swash 900 and Swash 1000 do require an electrical outlet. You will need a three prong GFI grounded outlet (e.g., outlet with an internal safety breaker, common in kitchens and bathrooms). If your outlet is more than three and a half feet from the toilet, you will need a grounded extension cord to operate your unit. For those customers interested in installing a new outlet specifically for the Swash, the optimum location when facing your toilet fixture is to the right side of the fixture underneath the toilet tank. The Swash 300, Swash 900 and Swash 1000 operate on a standard 120 volts AC.

How much electricity does the bidet use?

The Swash 900 and 1000 use 1200 Watts when heating and spraying water. When not spraying water and the seat heater is on, power consumption is 60 watts.
The Swash 300 uses 850 Watts: 800 Watts to heat the water, and 50 Watts to run the seat heater. Additional information on electrical requirements can be found here: http://brondell.com/electrical-requirements/

How long is the power cord? What side of the bidet is the power cord on? (Different for S300 & S900/1000)

For the Swash 900 and 1000 models, the power cord extends from the right side of the bidet seat when facing the toilet. For the Swash 300 models, the power cord extends from the left side of the bidet when facing the toilet. The power cord is 3.5 feet long.

I don’t have electricity in my bathroom and don’t want to run an extension cord. What kind of bidet options do I have?

The Swash EcoSeat, FreshSpa, FreshSpa Dual Temperature Bidet, CleanSpa, and CleanSpa Luxury do not need electricity to operate. (provide links to all models)

What are the interior hole dimensions of the bidet seat?

The interior hole of the Elongated Size Swash is 11.5”L x 8”W. The interior hold of the Round Size Swash is 10.5” x 8”.

Is your Swash compatible with seat elevators or toilet seat risers?

The Swash is compatible with some Carex brand risers, found here: http://brondell.com/swash/swash-accessories.html

For the Swash 100, can the control arm be moved to the left side, and does this model come in the Round size?

No, the Control Arm cannot be adjusted. The Swash 100 EcoSeat only comes in one size, Elongated. However, if you have a toilet with a length of at least 20.4” from the front of the tank to the front edge of the toilet bowl, the bidet should fit on your toilet. More information on EcoSeat Toilet Fit can be found here: http://brondell.com/toilet-fit/#existing-ecoseat

What colors are available for the Swash?

The Swash 100, 300 and 900 are available in white. The Swash 1000 is available in white and biscuit. If you are looking to match your new Swash with an existing toilet, our color recommendations for American Standard, Kohler, and Toto toilets are as follows:


  • American Standard: White
  • Kohler: White
  • Toto: Between Colonial White and Cotton (not a perfect match)

  • Biscuit

  • American Standard: Linen
  • Kohler: Biscuit
  • Toto: Sedona Beige


    Swash Special Features and Functions

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    What is Silver Ion Sterilization feature on the Swash 1000?
    The nozzle sterilization is located inside of the Brondell Swash 1000 and consists of ceramic balls that are covered in silver ion particles. When the nozzle sterilization button is pushed (when you are NOT using the Swash to clean yourself) the water is redirected through these balls, picks up these silver ions, and becomes charged. When that charged water flows over the stainless steel nozzles, the nozzles then become sterilized. Silver is a very powerful, natural, antibacterial agent that keeps the nozzles clean and corrosion free for a longer nozzle life and provides the highest level of hygiene available.

    How does the deodorizer work?

    The Deodorizer is a fan that pulls the air out of the toilet bowl through an activated charcoal filter. The filter does not add any additional fragrances; it just neutralizes the odors in the toilet bowl. The filter life is 7 years.

    What is EcoMode?

    EcoMode only affects the seat heating part of the bidet. Ten minutes after the seat is no longer in use, the bidet senses no one is sitting on the bidet and will go to EcoMode. If the seat temperature is set to Medium or High, the seat temperature will drop to LOW. If the seat temperature is on Low or OFF, there will be no change. Turning off EcoMode will enable the seat to be on the MEDIUM (Pink) or HIGH (Red) temperature setting even when the user isn’t using the bidet and will be the desired temperature when the user sits down on the seat. Instructions for Cancelling EcoMode can be found on page 20 of the Owner’s Manual.

    Why is it that when my child tries to use the bidet it doesn’t work?

    You may have noted the bidet will not work unless someone is sitting on the seat. The sensors on the Brondell Swash seats are not weight sensors, but moisture sensors that know when they have made contact with skin. To use the bidet with kids, we recommend turning off this sensor. Instructions for cancelling Seat Sensor Lock Mode (or turning off the seat sensor) on your Swash can be found on page 20 of your owner's manual. Alternatively, if you don't want to turn off the sensor, you might be able to have your kids hold their hand on the seat to trip the sensor. If you imagine the tank of your toilet is 12 noon, the sensor is at about 4 o'clock. If they hold their hand here, the bidet sensor will be activated and the bidet will operate.



    Swash Maintenance

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    What maintenance is required?
    Swash seats are made of germ-resistant plastic. They can be cleaned with a soft, wet cloth and a mild detergent. For complete cleaning, the Swash300, Swash 900 and 1000 feature a quick release from the mounting bracket. Although Swash wands are self-cleaning, Brondell recommends they be cleaned with a soft brush monthly or as needed. Brondell recommends that the removable mesh filter be cleaned on a regular basis as needed.

    What are bidet filters? How often should they be replaced?

    If your home uses hard water, well water, or softened water, we recommend using an external bidet filter. The bidet filter should be changed every six months. Installation and purchase information can be found here: http://brondell.com/swash/swash-accessories/swash-bidet-filter-group.html



    Medicare / Medicaid and Accessibility

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    Is the Swash covered by Medicare or Medicaid?
    You may be able to get coverage particularly with the State level Medicaid , but you should check with your doctor and/or insurance provider for more information. If you have medical conditions in which a hygienic bidet toilet seat can help, then your doctor may be able to prescribe a Swash bidet for you and get some insurance coverage for it.

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