Replacement luxury hand held bidet / shattaf sprayer

The Brondell luxury metal hand held bidet replacement sprayer is an elegant high quality bidet sprayer for your hand held bidet or diaper spraying needs .

Luxury hand held bidet sprayer

  • Luxury hand held bidet sprayer
  • shattaf sprayer
  • Luxury metal bidet sprayer
  • Metal bidet sprayer with holster
  • bidet holster
Replacement Luxury Hand Held Bidet Sprayer

Regular Price: $49.95

Special Price: $36.00

Hand Held Bidet Sprayer Key Features

  • Solid metal hand held bidet sprayer
  • Silver color with mountable holster
  • Suitable replacement for your CSL-40 CleanSpa hand held bidet


Easy to Install & Easy to Use

Simple 1/2" connection size fits any standard bidet sprayer hose and easily replaces your CleanSpa CSL-40 sprayer head.

Important Note: For safety we recommend only using this bidet sprayer with a metal water supply valve with an ON/OFF control.  Do not leave water under pressure with any bidet sprayer hoses or sprayer heads for risk of leaking or flooding.  Brondell will not be held liable for damages.

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