Benefits For the Planet

Americans make, move and use 34 million rolls of toilet paper, everyday. The problem is not just the 54 million trees cut each year to keep up with demand but also the enormous amounts of water, chemicals and energy used in the destructive production process of toilet paper.

Don't take our word for it. The graphic below depicts the real results of a 2008 Lifecycle Inventory (LCI) Study by Franklin & Associates comparing normal toilet paper use to that with a Swash bidet toilet seat.

What's all the fuss over a little toilet paper?

US Toilet Paper Consumption and Impacts

Look at the graphic again, really read the statistics. Did we mention this is for one day? One day! The magnitude of the carbon footprint of toilet paper is absolutely stunning and unnecessary.

What's the good news?

A Swash bidet toilet seat dramatically reduces the amount of toilet paper you use. What's dramatic? How about a 75 to 100% reduction in toilet paper. Now, go back to that graphic and reduce the stats by 75%. Is that an easy way to have a significant environmental impact or what?

What about water you ask? The Swash actually uses less water than the toilet paper production process so you are even saving water as well. Ahhh, it is so nice (and easy!) being green with the Swash...

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Which Swash is right for me?

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