Installing the Swash Bidet Seat

The Swash high-tech bidet toilet seat installs directly onto your existing toilet.

We designed the Swash to fit over 98% of residential toilets in the United States, allowing us to provide its amazing bidet benefits to nearly all American households.

Best of all, just about anyone can install it, usually in under an hour!


Swash 300/900/1000 Installation Video




Bidet Attachments - Easy to InstalI

Our FreshSpa and PureSpa bidet attachment lines are a snap to install – usually requiring 20 minutes or less. Freshspa and PureSpa are compatible with all standard 2-piece toilet fixtures and fit many contoured one piece toilets.


FreshSpa (FS-10) Installation Video



FreshSpa Dual Temp (FSW-20) Installation Video



PureSpa (PS-65) Installation Video



PureSpa Dual Temp (PSW-75) Installation Video




CleanSpa – A Breeze to Install

The CleanSpa hand held bidet sprayer (Shattaf) is a snap to install – usually requiring 15 minutes or less: simply turn off your cold water supply at the wall; attach the all metal T-valve, hose, and sprayer; and mount the sprayer with the included hardware. No professional plumber is required, everything you need for standard DIY installation is included.


CleanSpa (CS-30) Installation Guide



CleanSpa Luxury (CSL-40) Installation Video




H2O+ Series Hose and Filter Connections

All of Brondell’s H2O+ water filtration products use “Quick Connect” connectors when installing the product, and in some cases when replacing the filters. Using these “Quick Connects” makes installation and maintenance easy!


A Quick Tutorial on Quick Connects


Brondell is a leading developer of innovative, quality bathroom products including the Swash Ecoseat 100 bidet toilet seat, the Swash 300 heated bidet toilet seat, the Swash 900 electric heated bidet toilet seat, and the Swash 1000 japanese bidet toilet seat. The Breeza line includes the standard Breeza, a deodorizing toilet seat which is also a slow closing toilet seat, and the Breeza Warm which in addition to being a deodorizing toilet seat also includes a heated toilet seat. The FreshSpa easy bidet attachment easily converts any toilet to a bidet in minutes.

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