Breeza FAQ

General Product Information

What is a Breeza?
The Breeza is an air purifying, deodorizing toilet seat that effectively eliminates bathroom odors at the source - the toilet bowl. The Breeza is not only certified to remove up to 95.8% of bathroom odor, it is designed with an anti-microbial material that repels germs and bacterial growth, and has the added feature of an aromatherapy fragrance vent - plus a 5-year warranty.

How does the Breeza work?

The Breeza replaces your existing toilet seat. By way of the patent pending 4-stage deodorizing system, the Breeza automatically activates as the user sits on the product and, immediately begins eliminating odor at the source. How much weight can the Breeza lid support The Breeza lid will support users who weight up to 270 lbs.

How much weight can the Breeza seat support?

The Breeza odor eliminating toilet seat will support users who weigh up to 320 lbs.

Will the Breeza fit my toilet?
The Breeza fits over 98% of residential toilets. Just check your toilet type, round or elongated, and choose the appropriate Breeza.

What colors are available for Breeza products?

All Breeza & Breeza Warm products are available in White. Breeza is also available in Biscuit.

Are the Breeza products available in both round and elongated styles?

Yes, both Breeza & Breeza Warm are available in round and elongated styles.

Are the Breeza products available with a heated seat?

The Breeza Warm features a heated seat, adjustable to three temperature levels.

Does the seat stay heated at all times?

The Breeza Warm seat heat function is controlled by the user. The seat can be set as follows:

Off (no heat)
Heated to one of the three temperature settings, and remains on at the prescribed setting.
If Power Save has been programmed, the seat heat will turn off (no heat) during the specified Power Save time period.

How long is the power cord on Breeza products?

The Breeza is battery operated, thus, it does not require a power cord. The power cord of the Breeza Warm is four feet long.


Breeza Accessory Information

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What is the Breeza Filter made with?
The Breeza Filter utilizes a fused micro-channel activated carbon replaceable filter.

How long does the Breeza Filter last?
Based on usage, typically, the Breeza Filter will effectively absorb odors for 6 months.

How much odor can the Breeza Filter eliminate?

Independent lab testing has confirmed that the Breeza Filter is effective in eliminating up to 95.8% of odor.

Is the Breeza Filter eco-friendly?

Yes, because the Breeza Filter is made with environmentally friendly and fully bio degradable components with recyclable plastic housing.

What is the Breeza Vent made with?

The Breeza Vent is infused with 100% natural plant and flower extracts.

How long does the Breeza Vent last?

Based on usage, the fragrance of the Breeza Vent will last for up to 1 month.

Is the Breeza Vent eco-friendly?
Yes, because the Breeza Vent is made with recyclable plastic.

What fragrances of Breeza Vent are available?
Currently, there are three fragrances available:

Citrus & Eucalyptus
Jasmine & Lavender
Variety pack, which contains one of each fragrance

What size batteries does the Breeza require?

The Breeza requires two D-size batteries.

How long can the Breeza run on two new batteries?

Based on usage, typically, the Breeza can operate for 6 to 9 months. Usually brand name batteries have better performance than generic brand ones.


Breeza Technical Information

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What is the Breeza products' warranty?
For both Breeza & Breeza Warm, Brondell warrants these models to be free of manufacturer's defects prorated for a period of five years. 100% coverage of all parts and labor for the first two years from original date of purchase 50% coverage of all parts and labor for the years three to five from original date of purchase.

How can a user keep the Breeza clean?
The Breeza or the Breeza Warm can be cleaned with a soft, wet cloth and mild detergent.

Do I need an electrical outlet for the Breeza products?
The Breeza is battery operated, thus, it does not require an electrical outlet. The Breeza Warm will require a three prong GFI grounded outlet. If the outlet is more than four feet from the toilet, you may either use a grounded extension cord or have a GFI outlet installed near the toilet.

How are Breeza products service issues handled?
Brondell handles all warranty and after-warranty service in-house, through Brondell authorized service centers. Brondell's dealers are not responsible for any part of the service process.

How and where may I obtain service for my Breeza if it malfunctions?
You may call the Brondell Service Center at the toll free number: 888-542-3355 or send an e-mail by using Contact Us form


Breeza Installation

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What installation is required for the Breeza products?
Installation is easy and typically requires under half an hour in most cases. All required components for a typical installation are included in the Breeza or Breeza Warm package. Simply replace the toilet seat on your existing fixture, and follow the provided installation instructions to complete the Breeza or Breeza Warm installation.

How is it installed?
First, slide the mounting bolts onto the mounting track located on the bottom of the Breeza. Then, insert the mounting bolts into the toilet fixture pitch, install washers and mounting nuts onto the mounting bolt, and tighten by hand to snug. Refer to the installation instructions for more details.

How do I install the Breeza products onto a toilet fixture with top side mounting access only?
First, contact Brondell at the toll free number: 888-542-3355 to obtain the Breeza Alternate Mounting Kit free of charge. Upon receipt of the kit, follow the provided installation instructions to complete the installation process.

Brondell Products

Brondell is a leading developer of innovative, quality bathroom products including the Swash Ecoseat 100 bidet toilet seat, the Swash 300 heated bidet toilet seat, the Swash 900 electric heated bidet toilet seat, and the Swash 1000 japanese bidet toilet seat. The Breeza line includes the standard Breeza, a deodorizing toilet seat which is also a slow closing toilet seat, and the Breeza Warm which in addition to being a deodorizing toilet seat also includes a heated toilet seat. The FreshSpa easy bidet attachment easily converts any toilet to a bidet in minutes.

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