Hemorrhoids Happen: Why They Develop and How to Deal

It starts with itching and irritation after using the bathroom, and you’re not sure what caused it or why you have it. It could have been something you ate, or it could have been that uncomfortable toilet seat you used the other day. But no matter what caused this pain, the fact is that hemorrhoids simply happen- especially if you’re pregnant or over the age of 50.

Additionally, the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse mentions that nearly 3 out of 4 people develop hemorrhoids at some point in their lives. But while these numbers make hemorrhoids seem like an inevitable part of life, the good news is that they’re actually easy to avoid. We’ll explain what causes hemorrhoids, as well as a few tips on how to deal with them when they develop.

What exactly are hemorrhoids?

To put it simply, a hemorrhoid is an inflammation of the veins in the lower rectum or near the anus. External hemorrhoids are those that occur near the anus, while internal hemorrhoids are those that occur in the lower rectum. Hemorrhoids often aren’t very severe at the onset, and few will notice them until symptoms become worse.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids include bleeding and minor irritation, and pain can become worse if a blood clot forms on an external hemorrhoid, or when an internal hemorrhoid extends through the anus. Severe symptoms can cause infection, and treating them requires medical attention.

How do hemorrhoids happen?

Hemorrhoids usually develop as a result of excessive straining when using the bathroom. When we strain, blood flow to and from the anus is disrupted, causing vessels to bulge and become inflamed.  Additionally, the pressure of restraining a bowel movement, or the increased pressure caused by diarrhea or constipation can also lead to hemorrhoids.

Why nutrition matters

When you look at the common causes of hemorrhoids, the keys to avoiding them is all about keeping your digestive system happy with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. Since fiber helps move waste through the digestive system, you should increase your fiber intake if you often experience constipation. Some high-fiber foods include:

  • Pears, apples, carrots, oranges
  • Oatmeal
  • Kale, collard greens, spinach
  • Brown rice, whole wheat pasta, bulgur wheat
  •  Raisins, grapes, and prunes

Constipation also occurs when the body isn’t hydrated enough, so be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Unfortunately, too many sugary drinks or foods, like soda and baked sweets often have the reverse effect, so it’s always a good idea to avoid these foods and drinks entirely, or at least keep them to a minimum to reduce the likelihood of diarrhea.

More ways to avoid and treat hemorrhoids

If you notice any symptoms of hemorrhoids, it is always recommended to call your doctor. In the meantime though, try using a hemorrhoid cream to relieve irritation.

It’s important to keep in mind that elimination is a natural process, so when you use the bathroom, be sure to take your time, as straining only makes symptoms worse. Excessive wiping can also cause hemorrhoids, so one of the best ways to avoid hemorrhoids is by cutting back on toilet paper use with an at-home bidet.

At-home bidets come in all shapes and sizes, but few are as comforting and economical as the Brondell Swash 300 Toilet Seat Bidet. The Swash 300 attaches to your toilet seat, featuring a warm water wash that’s incredibly soothing for hemorrhoid suffers. It comes with two nozzles for posterior and feminine cleansing, and even includes a remote control that allows you to adjust the seat and water temperatures to your liking.

The Gift He’s Always Wanted: A Bidet for Father’s Day

Let’s get right to the point here- backside hygiene isn’t something many of us guys like to talk about, though it’s always in the back of our minds. As any guy will tell you, a clean rear end equals confidence, and when you feel clean, there’s just no stopping you. But with the personal nature of hygiene, how many guys feel comfortable asking their spouses to buy a bidet?

Bidets are definitely an unworldly concept here in the U.S., but the fact of the matter is that the bidet trumps toilet paper and flushable wipes on multiple levels.  For starters, bidets are exponentially more eco-friendly than using T.P. and wipes. Secondly, the level of clean you get from a bidet is the next best thing to taking a shower after you go #2 (not that anyone does that, right?).

Lastly, bidets are great for people who suffer from hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome, and Crohn’s Disease, by eliminating the irritation caused by toilet paper use. When you consider the usefulness of a bidet, it’s safe to say that bidets are the one great gift that Dad never realized he wanted. So with Father’s Day coming up, we decided to highlight a few of Brondell’s super refreshing bidets that the father in your life will love.

Swash 1000 Advanced Bidet Seat


Swash Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat. Available in three electric and one non-electric model, the Swash has gradually become a favorite in homes across the U.S. While many Europeans are accustomed to the traditional stand-alone bidet, the Swash attaches directly to your toilet seat to give you a soothing cold or warm water wash at the simple push of a button. With prices starting at $179, the Swash is more than worth the investment, which by the way, is easily covered by the money you’ll save from not having to buy toilet paper.

FreshSpa Easy Bidet


FreshSpa Easy Bidet Attachment. If you’re not ready to fully commit to the bidet toilet seat, take the FreshSpa Easy Bidet for a spin. Like the Swash, the FreshSpa attaches to your existing toilet, but has a self-cleaning retractable nozzle that you can set in three different positions. It’s incredibly easy to set up as well, uses no batteries or electricity, and you can adjust the water pressure to your liking.

Brondell FreshSpa Dual Temperature Bidet

FreshSpa Dual Temperature Bidet. The FreshSpa Dual Temperature Bidet is like the Easy Bidet, except that it comes with a brass pressure connector that connects to your hot water source. You can also adjust the temperature of the water for maximum comfort. It was even recently featured on The TODAY Show.

CleanSpa Luxury Hand Held Bidet


With the CleanSpa Luxury Hand Held Bidet, cleanliness is in the palm of your hand. This stainless steel hand sprayer works with any toilet fixture, and even comes with a handy holster that easily mounts to the wall or toilet. Like all Brondell products, the CleanSpa is super easy to install, and is made with only the most durable brass and stainless steel fittings, so you don’t have to worry about leaks.



Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet

GoSpa Travel Bidet. Once Dad starts using the Swash, CleanSpa, or FreshSpa, he’ll never want to go #2 anywhere else. But with the GoSpa Travel Bidet, Dad can have a refreshing experience wherever he goes. The GoSpa features a 400mL reservoir and an ergonomic soft squeeze bottle, great for arthritis sufferers. It even comes with a discreet carrying bag and an easy-to-store nozzle for convenient portability.


No matter which of these fantastic products you decide to go with, you just can’t go wrong with Brondell for Father’s Day. They’re hygienic and safe, perfect for helping Dad feel fresh and clean all day long!

All Moms Want for Mother’s Day is to Pee in Peace

Before Children, women often don’t think about the time they spend behind the closed doors of a bathroom. They simply understand it as nature intended.

It’s only After Children that you begin to view your bathroom habits as a privilege rather than a right. When you have a newborn, their schedule becomes your schedule. They have no concept that you need to use the toilet—because they need to eat now! Right now! Suddenly, their nature trumps your nature.

As your baby grows into a delightful toddler and you find yourself trying to steal a few minutes of time to use the bathroom, she remains completely oblivious to your need to urinate in private. You close the door, but it doesn’t matter. Doors, to quote author Derek Landy, are for people with no imagination. Your toddler will simply continue to carry on her one-sided conversation, despite the fact that you haven’t responded with anything more sophisticated than “hmm-mm.”

She will then ask if you can open the door so she can join you. You can refuse, but trust me—she will find a way to get in. You know that 2 inch space between the floor and the bottom of the door? Why, that’s just the right size for a chubby toddler fist to reach through.

So let’s be honest—all Mom really wants for Mother’s Day is a chance to pee in peace. Rather than give her flowers or chocolates, give her something that will help maximize the very few moments she takes each day when she heeds nature’s call. A bidet system is akin to giving her a daily spa experience—right in her very own home.

Previously relegated to Asian and European markets, bidet sales in the United States have grown steadily in recent years. It seems that Americans are catching on to the comforts and health benefits bidets provide, as well as the environmentally sound aspect (since bidet users don’t need toilet paper).

No need to do a full remodeling project on your bathroom; you can buy bidet toilet seats that go right on your existing toilet!

5 Reasons Every Mom Needs a Bidet System:

Reason #1: Hemorrhoids

There are so many wonderful, secret aspects of pregnancy that no one shares ahead of time, aren’t there? You imagine your significant other gazing into your eyes adoringly while rubbing your swollen belly, dreaming about the Nobel Prize winner you’re busily growing inside you. What you don’t foresee are the hemorrhoids the size of grapes now taking up residence in your rectum.

Yes, hemorrhoids are one of those dirty little secrets no one lets you in on until it’s too late. Unfortunately, you’re more prone to this uncomfortable (and sometimes, truly painful) condition during pregnancy because your growing uterus puts pressure on your pelvic veins.

More bad news on this front: postpartum hemorrhoids are also incredibly common, especially if you did a lot of pushing during labor. For many women, these can last up to 6-9 months post-birth.

However, a bidet can greatly help to heal hemorrhoids. This is because instead of wiping with harsh toilet paper, which can be abrasive, a bidet uses warm water to rinse the rectal area. The warm and gentle spray can help an area that’s already inflamed and swollen. In addition, the lack of wiping can keep new hemorrhoids from appearing, and it keeps the area clean.

Reason #2: Constipation

Constipation is another uncomfortable issue many mothers face. For pregnant women, it occurs because of the increase in the hormone progesterone. This relaxes muscles throughout the body, making it slower for food to pass through the body.

For many mothers, constipation doesn’t end with the arrival of that bouncing baby. Complaints about constipation are 2-3 times more common in women than men, and it’s an ailment that some will deal with for years to come.

A bidet can help relieve constipation because the warm water helps relax and loosen the anal area, so bowel movements are easier.

Reason #3: Feminine Hygiene

As if you didn’t have enough to deal with as a mom, there are also often feminine issues to deal with, such as vaginal infections. Oftentimes moms are so busy they delay a trip to the gynecologist’s office even if something doesn’t feel right “down there.”

A bidet can actually help stop vaginal issues before they start. Sometimes the culprit behind bacterial infections is fecal matter which accidentally enters the vaginal opening.

By using a bidet, you rid the area of all that “nasty stuff” much better than using paper would, so you lower the risk of infection.

Reason #4: Urinary Tract and Bladder Infections

Haven’t read enough about feces yet? (C’mon, you’re a mom – after changing a thousand diapers, there’s no longer anything about feces that makes you uncomfortable.) Well, the fecal matter issue we referred to above can also aid in the development of bladder and urinary tract infections.

A bidet can prevent that bacteria from entering the vaginal opening, decreasing your risk of developing one of these infections.

Reason #5: It Gives Mom a Lovely, Spa-Like Experience

In addition to providing solutions for the health concerns listed above, Brondell’s Swash advanced bidet toilet seats are the Porsche of potties. (And doesn’t Mom deserve the very best this Mother’s Day?!) With 4 models ranging from economically priced to luxury, the Swash provides an unparalleled bathroom experience.

FreshSpa Easy Bidet Attachment

Features of The Swash advanced bidet toilet seats:

  • Warm water wash
  • Wireless remote control
  • Adjustable heated seat
  • Warm air dryer
  • And more!

Brondell’s Swash bidet toilet seats can make those stolen moments of solitude last the whole day. Doesn’t Mom deserve to not only pee in peace—but in luxury? Which Swash is right for me?

#Wash Dont Wipe

Our bums are under attack! Over the past month, it has been nearly impossible to avoid some level of exposure to Kimberly-Clark’s most recent product launch – Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths. Backed by a massive advertising budget, the online and Twitter campaign #LetsTalkBums blitz has been everywhere. However, are flushable wipes really the best practice for your backside? Our research says NO.

Cottonelle isn’t breaking any new ground with this concept of using water to clean your nether regions. Brondell’s been talking up the benefits of water in the bathroom for over 10 years. And now everyone from Charmin to Pampers is starting to understand what Brondell has known all along – wash, don’t wipe. Water is certainly more hygienic and sanitary than toilet paper, but wipes really aren’t that different from regular toilet paper as they still spread bacteria.

Cottonelle doesn’t want the cleansing cloths to cannibalize toilet paper sales, so they re-created the bathroom process with their profits solely in mind; encouraging users to first use toilet paper, then their wipes, and finish up with more toilet paper. It’s completely wasteful and expensive. Take a family of 4, their annual toilet paper expenses alone add up to almost $350. This number is actually increasing steadily as many manufacturers have been reducing the number of sheets per roll, causing consumers to purchase even more packages of toilet paper every year. Then when you incorporate the cost of the wipes, their total annual spend balloons 63% to over $550 (tax not included)! Cottonelle’s advertising and messaging conveniently leaves out the excessive drain on your wallet padding their bottom line.

Switching to a bidet toilet seat will put money back in your pocket and improve your overall health. Brondell’s bestselling bidet toilet seat, the Swash 1000, costs only $599 and is life cycle tested for 7 years. Over that same period, you would spend almost $4,000 or 566% more with the Cottonelle system! It’s clear the bidet toilet seat is the more economical bathroom option.

But that’s not all!  In addition to the significant cost savings you’d realize with a bidet toilet seat, there are ample health benefits that toilet paper and wipes just simply cannot provide. Did you know that 80% of all infectious diseases are passed via human interaction and contact? You wouldn’t normally think of soda fountains, ATM’s, public telephones, and even shopping carts, as being ripe for fecal matter but new studies are demonstrating otherwise. The hands-free bidet toilet seat helps keeps germs from spreading, which significantly reduces the risk of infection. Wiping with toilet paper can be rough on sensitive areas, but the bidet toilet seat’s gentle and soothing wash eliminates the irritation and chaffing that can arise. This is especially advantageous for women who have recently given birth or anyone suffering from hemorrhoids. The bidet toilet seat is also great for children who can have trouble getting clean, or even the elderly who may suffer from reduced mobility. From an environmental perspective, bidet toilet seats can reduce toilet paper by approximately 75%, which in turn reduces the consumption of natural resources for toilet paper production.

Brondell’s line of bidet toilet seats provides a range for anyone looking to make a change.  For those completely new to the refreshing bidet experience, the FreshSpa Easy Bidet Attachment is a great starter model. If you’re still not quite ready to upgrade to the entire seat, another great entry model is the CleanSpa Luxury Hand Held Bidet, which is a sprayer attachment. And for those ready for all the bells and whistles, the Swash1000 Bidet Toilet Seat delivers a luxurious at-home spa experience with its heated seat, warm air dryer, adjustable stainless steel nozzles, and much more. So wash, don’t wipe; and make an investment in your well-being.

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What Is A Bidet Attachment?

Bidet attachments have grown in popularity over recent years as they are both affordable and versatile. With an easy do-it-yourself install, bidet attachments fit nearly all toilets. No need for additional plumbing or electrical and no need to replace your toilet seat. Bidet attachments install between your existing toilet seat and toilet. For those new to using a bidet wash, the price point of a bidet attachment provides the ability to test it out without committing to a larger purchase. Also, for those on a budget a bidet attachment provides the ability to simply have a bidet wash.

FreshSpa Dual Temp Bidet Attachment

Things to look for in a high quality bidet attachment are metal connections, internal brass valve(s) and rated hosing. Since the bidet attachment is constantly under water pressure it is very important to have only the highest quality materials. Plastic expands over time when it is under pressure and will eventually cause a leak and/or flood. A brass internal valve along with metal connections and rated hosing is the only way to avoid this. The FreshSpa series of bidet attachments have brass internal valves, all metal connections and braided PVC hose for cold water connections rated for up to 150psi and high quality tubing for hot water connection rated for up to 212⁰F and 150psi.
FreshSpa Dual Temp Bidet Attachment
A bidet attachment is perfect for a second bathroom, those of us who rent their homes, are on a budget and those with no access to electrical. For those with mobility issues a bidet attachment is a great hygiene solution as simply with the turn of the knob a bidet water wash is provided. Both caregivers and those receiving care in assisted living situations are grateful for the bidet attachment.

Washlets In America

Washlets first gained wide acceptance in Japan, where according to the government, over 72% of all homes have one of these electronic bidet type toilet seats.  Based in Japan, Toto, trademarked the name Washlet, but the term washlet has been adopted much like the term Kleenex has been adopted for facial tissue.  So now washlet and electronic bidet toilet seat are interchangeable.

Although washlets were introduced in Japan in the 1980’s, here in America many are just beginning to discover what a washlet is.  Different than the old style traditional separate bidet fixtures the washlet installs directly onto your existing toilet.  Packed with features many washlets have heated seats, deodorizers, warm air dryers, oscillating nozzles and more controlled by a remote control.  In America some washlets can go for up to $1399 like the one from Kohler, but another company based in the United States, San Francisco to be exact, is Brondell and their top of the line seat goes for only $599The Brondell Swash 1000 is packed full of features like dual stainless steel nozzles, nozzle sterilization, wide spray, sittable lid along with many of the standard washlet features like a heated seat, deodorizer, warm air dryer, positionable nozzles and endless warm water.

Brondell Swash

Brondell Swash

In America awareness of the washlet is growing and Brondell is leading the way.  Whereas in Japan noise reduction features have been popular due to small living quarters, Brondell has substituted those for more functional features like nozzle sterilization utilizing Nano technology (first in the industry) and wide spray for a softer spray with three settings.  Be a part of the Wash Don’t Wipe revolution, get a Brondell Swash!

The #1 Best Hemorrhoids Remedy

There is no way around it… hemorrhoids causes discomfort and in many cases, pain.  Hemorrhoids present themselves in the anal rectal areas with swelling, inflammation, itching, burning, and/or bleeding.  Here is a more full description of hemorrhoids:

Hemorrhoids Description Video

Many people have heard of Preparation H® which is an ointment used for the relief of the symptoms of hemorrhoids.  There are several ointments and creams on the market, all of which tend to be messy and the prices can begin to add up.  Astringents and herbal remedies are also used to treat hemorrhoids, but they typically can take 2-3 hours to start working and can get expensive.  Medicated wipes are also used which leads to the number one sore spot with those that suffer from hemorrhoids… wiping.

Wiping irritates the already irritated affected areas not giving the blood vessels the chance to recover and heal.  This is why the #1 remedy for hemorrhoids is a bidet!  With either the GoSpa – travel bidet, CleanSpa – hand held bidet or FreshSpa – easy bidet the user can inexpensively and easily benefit from washing with water to reduce irritation, increase sanitation and even reduce swelling by washing with cold water.  No need to apply messy ointments or creams and have to walk around all day with that or take expensive remedies.  Just wash naturally with water and eliminate the discomfort and pain of hemorrhoids and heal faster.

Washing With Water Around The World

Washing with water is common in many parts of the world.  You would be hard pressed to visit a bathroom in many countries that does not have the option of washing yourself with water after having used the toilet.  Although in most Western countries it is still viewed as normal to wipe oneself with dry paper the East is leading the way in toilet hygiene.  One piece of data from a study done by the University of Arizona in March 2011 from the United States paints a thousand words:  72% of shopping carts at grocery stores showed positive for fecal matter.

Brondell CleanSpa - hand held bidet, shattaf, bidet sprayer, toilet shower

Brondell CleanSpa – hand held bidet, shattaf, bidet sprayer, toilet shower

This is an all the more interesting piece of data considering the same exact percentage, 72% as of March 2010, of homes in Japan have a bidet toilet seat installed (commonly referred to as a washlet in Japan).  It’s not just Japan and it’s not just modern societies that wash with water.  In India people have been washing with water for centuries.  On the Indian sub-continent a lota with a spout is typically used to maintain hygiene.  Islamic toilet etiquette is to wash with water after using the toilet as well.  The most widely used form of washing with water is a shattaf which is also called a toilet shower or a bidet sprayer.  This is why the shattaf, toilet shower or bidet sprayer, is so ubiquitous in Muslim countries and is now commonly referred to as a Muslim shower.

Tabo from the Philippines

Tabo from the Philippines

The toilet shower or bidet sprayer is also commonly found in South East Asia.  Two particular countries it is widely used in is the Philippines and Thailand.  The origins of washing with water in the Philippines dates back to a practice of washing with water with a tabo, while the origins in Thailand are Islamic nearly every bathroom has a bidet sprayer.es and is now commonly referred to as a Muslim shower.

In the West we have given the world the flush toilet, but we still have a thing or two to learn from the East about toileting.  Washing with water is a better bathroom experience.

What is a bidet?

The bidet was invented by the French.  The first known use of the word is 1766 and translated it means pony.  The name is derived from the way in which the user would have to straddle the wash basin, as in riding a horse.

Traditional Bidet

The traditional bidet is a separate fixture, usually made of porcelain, found close by the toilet in the bathroom.  When one is done using the toilet they move over to the bidet and straddle the fixture, turn on the water to desired pressure and temperature and cleanse the appropriate area.  Many associate the bidet only with women but the bidet is not only used to in feminine washes but also in rear washes as well which benefits both men and women.  Once clean, a dedicated towel or paper is used.

A modern innovation on the traditional style bidet is the electronic bidet toilet seat.  These newer style bidets simply install on the bathroom’s toilet replacing the existing toilet seat.  This is a much more convenient way to experience the benefits of a bidet.  Not only is it more convenient but the bidet toilet seat is packed full of features such as a heated seat, deodorizer, warm air dryer, oscillation and more all controlled, typically, by a wireless remote control.  Other benefits of bidet toilet seat over the traditional style bidet is that there is no need for costly remodeling for extra plumbing water supply and the expense of an additional large porcelain fixture.  Most bidet toilet seats are self-installed in about half an hour and come with all parts that are needed for installation.  A GFI electrical outlet is all that is required in addition to what is needed for the existing toilet fixture.

Bidet Toilet Seat

Bidet Toilet Seat

There are also other bidet type products that are popular as well that include the bidet toilet seat attachment that installs between the toilet and the existing toilet seat and hooks up to the water supply line at the toilet.  There is also the hand held bidet or toilet shower (also referred to as a Muslim shower or shattaf) which is a sprayer head with a trigger that is operated in the palm of the hand and holsters, typically, on the side of the toilet tank.  These are very economical ways of experiencing the benefits of a bidet on any toilet.

Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

Hand Held Bidet

Hand Held Bidet








The traditional style bidet is popular in Europe with Italy and Portugal leading the way.  The bidet toilet seat is popular in Asia with Japan and South Korea leading the way.  And, the hand held bidet is popular in the Middle East, South East Asia and South America.