Brondell Awards

Brondell has long been recognized as an innovative leader in the advanced bidet toilet seat and heated toilet seat categories having earned multiple product awards over the years for design, technology, and quality. We are committed to providing the absolute best products at a reasonable price delivering the highest quality and value in the industry.



Electronic House

Electronic House 2011 Product of the Year Award

The Swash 1000 was recognized as a leader in the industry for design and functionality, with features that include the latest technology in hygiene  


Good Housekeeping Award


Good Housekeeping 2010 VIP Product Award

Good Housekeeping chose Brondell’s Perfect Flush as a product that improves your life in a big way





Design Journal 2008 ADEX Platinum Award Winner

The Swash line of high-tech toilet seats combines the latest innovation and design to bring you a new level of luxury and hygiene.


American Building

2007 American Building Products Award Winner

The Swash was acknowledged as one of the latest and greatest American Building Products.



Wired Tools Award


Wired Tools, Top 100 Cool Gadgets of 2005

The Swash 600 was considered one of the top gifts to be on the “technophile’s holiday gift list”



Do! Magazine

Do! Magazine 2005 Top Products of the Year



Official Selection Award

Silicon Valley 100, Official Selection, 2005

                                                                   100% of users recommend the Cypress

DIY Approved, 2014

Out of 35 Handy-certified testers, 100% recommend the H2O+ Cypress Countertop Water Filtration System.


"My wife and I ordered a Swash bidet seat for our masterbath. We didn't tell our six-year old twins about it but in no time we were waiting in line for our own bathroom! The boys loved it so much we ordered one for them. My wife loves the Swash bidet wash because it makes doing the boys' laundry much easier and cleaner!"

Rocky, Paula, Wendy, Ryan, Austin, Carson and Hunt

"The Brondell Swash advanced bidet toilet seat is a wonder of ergonomics and hygiene enhancement. Plus, it's for use by men as well as women."

Dr. Marcus Laux, Naturally Well Today

Brondell is a leading developer of innovative, quality bathroom products including the Swash Ecoseat 100 bidet toilet seat, the Swash 300 heated bidet toilet seat, the Swash 900 electric heated bidet toilet seat, and the Swash 1000 japanese bidet toilet seat. The Breeza line includes the standard Breeza, a deodorizing toilet seat which is also a slow closing toilet seat, and the Breeza Warm which in addition to being a deodorizing toilet seat also includes a heated toilet seat. The FreshSpa easy bidet attachment easily converts any toilet to a bidet in minutes.

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